Early Falcon Car Club of Queensland

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Marty Sanderson


Peter Stanley

Long time member and was Treasurer for 5 years.Currently Vice President . Have owned a 1971 XY Falcon 500 302 V8 since new.
Also have a 1993 S Pack sedan with 4.1 litre motor

Nathan Johnston

I joined the Early Falcon Car Club in 2008, and was president between 2009/2010. I have a history of old Falcon's in our family - my grandfather owned a 1965 XP Sedan which I still own today as a Bash Car. My father had a 65 2-door coupe when I was growing up, but unfortunately had to sell it and now has a 67 Mustang.

Sharyn and Al

You can catch me on 0408770910

I am a vintage car enthusiast since a teenager and have have had many different cars over the years, my father had always been a ford man so I was thus influenced with Henry's. My first falcon was a 1974 XB wagon a old family car brought my first son home in it a sweet moment. Screamed all the way guess why he turned out to be a Toyota boy. I have put together a can of worms I have owned for 21 years a 1960 XK falcon you can watch my progress on this web site. I am still looking for missing parts so if you have any old XK bits in your shed you don't need let me know. My son has inherited the old family wagon a EL so hope to spend the time in the shed with him keep the falcons flying.

Check out the resto on line:


Cheers Al

Mark Leitch

I've liked Falcons since childhood. The first car I can remember my father driving was a Nullarbor beige XK sedan. Then watching Bathurst during the late 60's and through the 70s with the XR-Y GTs and the XA-C coupes cemented the love for these early falcons. My first car was a white XP deluxe sedan and then a yellow XM coupe followed by XA Fairmont sedan, XB GS Fairmont 302 4spd coupe, XT GT, XC GS V8 Wagon, XC Fairmont GXL sedan, XF Wagon. Currently in the garage is an XM Ute, US 1964 Falcon convertible, 1968 Mercury Cougar along with my daily driver.

John Locke

You can catch me on 0455865408

I have been asked to help with club run's for Brisbane this year so if you have a run you wish please email me so we can include it or call me.

Kev Mcvay

I love my Fords and I have one of their best. '65 Mustang. Silver Smoke Grey. I have recently gotten a hold of a 1978 Ford F250 with 351C, New Process 4sp Trans and Dana 60 diff. Unbreakable!!

Tim & Jem Christopher


Duncan Beckerton

I have been a car fanatic all my life. I have raced bombers, charity rallies and even tried hill climbs, I stopped counting the cars I've owned when the count blew out at 150, It’s probably closer to two hundred by now.
My first car at the age of 14 was an old Valiant, and it started from there, Falcons, LTD’s Dodges, Hillmans, Rovers, Moke’s, Commodores Bikes, 4x4’s and Trucks. My late friend Tony, two other mates and I restored a 1940’s GMC 6x6 Army truck and drove the Great Endeavour Rally, from Toowoomba to the Gold Coast via the Gulf of Carpentaria. We drove about 6,000 Km’s before sending the truck home by ship, broken gearbox and all. All four of us hitched rides with other competitors before buying an old wreck of a Falcon from the barman at the Birdsville Pub. The past owner had left it to settle his bar tab. That Falcon made it all the way to the Gold Coast approximately 4000 Km’s. We sold the car at the end of the trip and made a $700.00 profit.
Seven years in a row we competed in the Great Endeavour, we were the first to do that type of trip on a Bike and sidecar, and the only team to take a hot air balloon with them and fly from Townsville to Magnetic Island.

Glenn Lyons

I have been a motor enthusiast since I was in my early 20's.

Although never really a fan of early model fords when I was younger, I was surrounded by them growing up. My father was a diesel mechanic by trade but was adept at almost anything with pistons. He had a hub cap collection that covered an entire wall of our garage from floor to ceiling. Ahh if I only had that collection now.....

I purchased my XM Coupe ( Fiona )in Victoria in 1997. The guy I purchased it from was the second owner and lived near Tullamarine Airport in the Melbourne suburbs. From Victoria 'Fiona' and I have driven the East Coast numerous times in 27 years of ownership.

Over time we now own friends of the Falcon; A 1939 Mercury Coupe and a 1956 Baby Thunderbird.

A full restoration is in the winds.

Ron Caird

I am the owner of a 1969 Ford Falcon XT Ute. I bought it off a lady who had named it Lucy. It has no modifications done and drives very well for a car that is 43 years old. It attracts lots of attention whenever I drive it around.

John & Lynne De Groot

2020 - I have a 1978 XC Ford Falcon Station Wagon and I have had this vehicle since new as it was my parent's vehicle and I bought it off them after two year of them owning the falcon. I have had this car for 48 years. It was my second vehicle that I owned and I have still got the car now as I'm 65 years old in 2016.

2018 - I have 1971 Ford F100 Style side (Black) that I will be taking off the road and restoring soon. I have had this vehicle about 10 years and it has a 302 motor in it and I'm changing the motor over to a 351 for towing our caravan.

2020 - I also have 1956 Ford F100 Style side (White) imported from USA since November 2017. It has a 292 motor in it and I will be changing this to a 351 for towing.

2020 - 1956 Ford F100 styleside. Since this has landed in Australia, I have bought two wheels, fixed brakes, looking and getting a jag front end and front disc brakes to change over to better steering, handling as it drives like a tractor at the moment - heavy steering. As I'm a older person, and know who likes their disc brakes, good steering. This will be another good vehicle that I will fix up and keep.

2023 Restored 1959 Vauxhall for the second time, painted and restored myself - I didn't have to do the chrome as it was still good since last restoration in 1982. Glad to have the vehicle on the road as I have owned this car for 50 years.

2023 Restored 1971 Ford F100 Styleside Truck to Original Condition with additional extras to improve performance and Safety of the vehicle. New motor to a 351 from 302 motor, Disc Brakes, Power Steering, Painted and Restored the truck myself and back on the road. I'm impressed with all the comments given to me by the people that has seen the restoration. I have had this vehicle 13 years now.

2023 Restoring the 1956 Ford F100 Styleside Truck to Original Condition with additional extras to improve Performance and Safety of the vehicle. New motor to a 351 from 272 motor, Disc Brakes, Power Steering. I have had this vehicle 10 years now.

Just keeping busy with my vehicles. Enjoying Life.

John Rimmington

John is a motoring enthusiast whose main hobby is tinkering with cars. Particularly fond of my XY Fairmont which is in the process of getting further improved. It is already quite tidy, however we continue to tinker with it. Have been a Ford enthusiast for more than 50 years now, particularly Falcons.

Wife( Elmy) and I operate a motel in Rocky which keeps us pretty well land locked.

I am very happy to become a member of the Early Falcon Car Club as this is the first Car Club to which I have belonged.

Col Aston

To those who are interested,
Quick resume - following 20 years in RAAF I joined Boeing at Amberley as a Mainanence Manager/Independant Inspector to help keep the F111s flying. They eventually were decommissioned as we all know and I retired. Finally.
I first saw the 2 door in about 1968 and ever since then have been on the look-out for a convertible version of it. (Not knowing at the time that they were never made in Oz). In 1994 mine was advertised and I flew to Sydney to pick it up. Drove back to Brizzy, top down and happy. Arrived home with a designer wind/sun burn all over my face except for where my sunnies shielded me, (like the lady in the tourism ad). Restored the car in 2000 and in the process added a 289 V8 and C4 auto. Since then have added a hard top from a donor car and I now have a 1965 Falcon convertible with a detachable hard top.
Col Aston


I am Rob and I have two falcon coupes one 64 XM Hardtop and a 75 XB Hardtop. I love there shapes both so much and in different ways, Classic 'Style and Beauty and 'Pure Muscle' !
I love them !

Graham Sutcliffe

Fairmont and 2 door XA hardtop

Peter Morrison

No profile info here...but i have put a bit of a write up of my Ford heritage under "my cars".

club member number 47714009

Christian McDougall

Born in Rockhampton in 73 and lived in Brisbane since 1990. With my parents living 5 minutes from the old Lakeside raceway I have been a Ford enthusiast all my life. Sporting hero is Dick Johnson. My Dad got a new company car every 3 years which meant he had every model Falcon from the XD to the AU. I Have rebuilt/restored 2 XB's with my Father and am currently restoring my third.(a hardtop and 2 sedans) The last one was an Ex-Victorian Pursuit car with full GT drive train and gunning gear. The plan was to show the car in it's full Police regalia but sadly I sold it in 2001 on completion when I built my first home.
Now I'm at it again with an XB GS under the house.
I run my own business but worked in the food industry for 18 years prior to that. Also have had experience in the Auto Electrics field. You can view all 3 XB's in "My Car's"

Noel & Mandy O'Driscoll

1962 XL Falcon with 302 Windsor, 4 speed manual

Gav And Sarah Grant

Gav and Sarah Grant
We have an XP sedan in Polynesian Green with crossflow conversion and an XF Wagon Bash Car.
The XP has a 302 conversion coming up.

Mick Martin

1966 Xp sedan with 302 and auto.

andrew fell

Am currently restoring an xl ford falcon. It is cream in clor with the majority of the chrome intact.

Patrick Pukepuke

DIY if you can


1984 fd ltd

Paul O'Connor

My phone number is 0411174754, based in Rockhampton

I have a 1967 Mustang Convertible, it is my 2nd Mustang and hopefully my last.

Also love fishing, I have a 19 foot boat and always on the lookout for a deckhand if you like fishing.

Do you own a Harley? I have a 2016 Switchback.

I am a Tax Agent, please don't hold that against me.


Terry & Yetalina Goopy

The family bought the XL in 1967. It was given to me when I got my license and started driving it to school during my senior year of 1976. I drove it until 1991 when I worked o/seas for 15 years. It sat out in the weather that whole time so it was pretty sad when I returned in 2006. In 2012 I bought the current car and transplanted all the running gear over from the old one.

David Squires

1966 XR Fairmont 351 Cleveland, 4 speed toploader

Tony Heuston

Owner of a 1962 XK Falcon, in the process of restoration

Mitch McGhie

Working on my profile

Shaun OBrien

My name is Shaun OBrien
I have had an interest in classic cars since a teenager and have mostly owned Fords from XP falcons through to F6 Typhoon. I reside in Rockhampton but spend most of my working week in Mackay. I spent most of my working career employed by Hastings Deering as a sales rep for Caterpillar Earthmoving equipment.I am now retired. My current cars are an XP 4 door sedan, XY Fairmont sedan and a XA GT sedan and daily driver is a F6 R spec Typhoon, 1974 F100 and a DL LTD.

Mark Cichowski

Long time owner of Early Falcon's and looking to get back into restoring / help others restore and maintain theirs.

Noel Brennan

Noel Brennan
65 XP Delivery
Electric tailgate
221 2V
Borg Warner 35

Tony Van Kleef

Hi there. I am a long time fan of the Blue Oval. (My father's influence). From the first ride in an XW GTHO i was hooked. Like others, i've owned many Falcons i should not have sold. This XY Fairmont has been in pieces for 17yrs, but it's gaining momentum now. I am particularly fond of these 250 2V's. I have done everything myself, (apart from the machining of the engine and rebuilding the auto), so it's not a show car, but is respectable. I expect to finish it within the next 6 months.

If i ever get spare time there is also a 55 Ranch Wagon with a 272 Y Block to tidy up with my youngest son.

Daily driver is a BA XR6 ute which i just enjoy as is....


Hi my names Bobby, Thank you for having me at EFCC, I drive my fathers 69 Ford Fairlane that I've been wanting since I was a little kid, it has a dark red body and black top, original chrome and stack headlights, the engine itself is a 302 Windsor. Now that I finally own my childhood car, Im helping my dad build his '70 Fairlane :)

Vic Collins


Sam Blacket

My Early Falcon is an XP Coupe. I have had it for 10 years and am just in the process of tidying it up. In the 80's it had a roof chop, a 302 Windsor, C4 and 9" Added.

It needs paint and some rust cut out, along with some tidy up in the front end and the motor refreshed. Getting close to being finished now.

Daniel Keepkie

Brad Field


Peter Byrnes


Lance Hermon


Jon Clayton


My first car ever was an XT falcon, bought for $300 in 1982.
I obtained my first XP, a white sedan in approx 1988 and had it for 10 years before having to sell it when I moved to Brisbane.

I have only recently purchased my current XP, a gold 1965 Ute with the original engine.

I have joined the club to be with like minded car people.

Kerrie Cherry

1966 Mustang

Lance William Francis

I have restored a 1961 XK Falcon auto in the distinctive colours of the car my father owned. It was the first new car he was able to purchase and the car I obtained my licence on in 1965



Gred Ward


Harry and Tracy


Jonathan Borthwick

Lifelong Ford Man and slowly restoring a July 1967 Build XR Ute

Colin Laraghy


Doug Beaton


William Haitana

Falcon xw ute dec1969 owner since early 1980