Early Falcon Car Club of Queensland

1965 Ford XP - Rodney Turpin

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Year: 1965
Make: Ford
Model: XP
Style: Sedan
Rego: S13641
Both my husband and I grew up with XP Falcon's in our early youth. Both parents had white sedan/station wagon with a fawn interior. My husband slept across the front bench seat on his parents laps on long trips from Ipswich. In the early 70's my parents decided to trade in our beautiful falcon for a Valiant, which I thought was rather ugly at the time, but in retrospect a classic beauty in its own right. I decided to stage my own sit in at the car yard. While my mother and father were signing the deal I held my ground in the back seat. I remember them pleading with me to get out of the car. After pleading turned to threats, I eventually caved in and sulked all the way home in our new brown Valiant witch I nick named the box on wheels.

Many years later in my early thirties I was on a quest to find my own falcon witch I did 15 years ago. The beauty I found was an even better version with it's white exterior and sparkling red interior still with it's original paintwork. We now have a daughter who is 8 and I sometimes wonder If we have passed on a legacy of love for the Classic Falcon

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