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1977 Ford Falcon XC - Peter Fussell

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Year: 1977
Make: Ford Falcon
Model: XC
Style: Ute
Rego: 417DYU
Purchased in Feb 1998 as an original GS 302C & single rail 4 speed in satin black with 246000k. Has progressed over the years to a mild 351 & C10, 3.0:1 LSD 9 inch and 4 wheel disc brakes. A major tidy-up in late 2003 with some new panels and dents removed and bare metal repaint in jet black. At one stage the old girl was averaging over 80000k per year, but is now semi-retired with around 917000k as at March 2011. The only time she's not got me home was a couple of years ago when she tore the splines out of the torque convertor - tilt tray required for that one.

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