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1966 Ford Mustang - Dave Smith

The day it came of the boat.

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Year: 1966
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Style: Coupe
Rego: 66FBK
A 66 Mustang Fastback C code. Now running a roller cam 302W with 650 Holley & C6 auto. It is a 2+2, a true 4 seater with the rear seats able to fold down to a flat panel and even an access door into the boot.
A cousin to the Falcon, it shares lots of similar running gear , trim & performance. 5% of the Mustangs produced where Fastbacks which make them rarer then the coupes and I think much prettier too. Carroll Shelby produced the 65/66 Shelby 350GT for Ford America a bit like Brock did with the Brock Specials for Holden. These Shelby's are very rare & desirable now fetching around $250K US +.
A typical American car with heaps of performance but very little braking. I have recently upgraded the 4 wheel drum brakes to discs on the front and a booster which is a big improvemnt to drive. Will keep you posted on the progress of the resto, but for now, it is just a bit of fun & pleasure. (aren't they all)
Lastest update.. I added a Shelby GT bonet scoop, paint the bonet, had the LO2 which was new head lights & retachable front seat betls and lap/ sash rear fitted & now is on the road. It just gets better the more I drive it so far.

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