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1965 Ford Falcon Deluxe XP - Stewart Salisbury

1965 Xp Deluxe 250 CI 3 Speed Auto

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Year: 1965
Make: Ford Falcon Deluxe
Model: XP
Style: Sedan
Rego: S 13989
Nick named "The Lemon" I purchased the "Lemon" in 1991 for $350 and for a few years used it daily to go to work. The original engine died and was reconditioned and I fitted a 2 speed auto, but it too died a few years later. So in 1999 I had a fully reconditioned 250 and 3 speed auto professionally fitted, with a radiator from a mustang and electric fan. This was followed by reconditioning the diff. I fitted 14 inch 4 stud to the rears wheels to help reduce the revs on the motorway (I could only find 2). It had recently sat in the garage unused for a few years as I didn't have time to fix a blocked radiator and pulling brakes. It is now on the road again and i try to use it once a week.It has done approx 25000 miles on the new drive train.
We live on the Gold Coast and it is a real treat to take her out for a cruise along the Gold Coast Highway.
My wish list now is for a window winder for the driver's door (only goes up half way), and extractors as i am sick of replacing the manifold gasket every so often.

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