Early Falcon Car Club of Queensland

1964 Falcon Deluxe 2 Door Hardtop XM - Glenn Lyons

Just outside Peak Crossing last August... great light.

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Year: 1964
Make: Falcon Deluxe 2 Door Hardtop
Model: XM
Style: Other
Rego: 308 SAC
This is my one and only early falcon.

A 1964 XM 2 Door hardtop. I originally purchased the car in Victoria in 1997. Her name is ' Fiona '. I Drove the car for about 6 years before taking it off the road with the intention of re-building it. The rebuild never happened and the car sat in the garage for 9 years.

The car is presently almost exactly the same as it was when I got it. With the exception of the rear spats and some upholstery work on the front split bench.

To get the car back on the road I re-vamped the engine late 2011, through JOH engineering and Eadies Mechanical did a lot of other work on the driveline and fuel system. A complete rebuild of the carby by Bob McKenzie has the engine (170ci)running like new. With the mechanicals sorted I will now turn to the rest of the car to slowly bring it up to a presentable condition...or street neat as I call it.

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