Early Falcon Car Club of Queensland

Club Constitution

Constitution of the Early Falcon Car Club of Queensland.

1 Objectives
  1.1 To bring together people who own or have an interest in the Ford Falcon Motor Vehicle
  1.2 To promote motor sport activities and social gatherings to which members and their invited guests can enjoy meeting persons with similar interests.
  1.3 To seek and obtain various discounts with business houses and exchange technical advice to its members
  1.4 To liaise with other clubs so as to broaden the clubs knowledge and raise the public awareness to the club.
  1.5 To participate in and organise when required activities of a sporting nature deemed relevant by the clubs membership committee.
  1.6 The assets and income of the organisation shall be applied exclusively to the promotion of its object and no portion shall be paid or distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide remuneration for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.

2 Membership
  2.1 Membership shall be open to any person or persons interested in furthering the idea and aims of the club with no number limits.
  2.2 Full membership extends to owners of Ford Falcon cars or vehicles attaining 30 years of age.
    2.2.1 Full family membership will be as described on membership form or renewal. Full membership entitles member to full voting rights and the right to hold an executive position.
  2.3 Associate membership is open to any person or persons with an interest in the club, but holds no voting rights or office positions.
  2.4 All applications must be made in writing addressed to the Executive Committee
  2.5 All applications must be accompanied by the appropriate application and membership fees that are current and applicable at the time.
  2.6 Membership is conditional upon members abiding by the rules and constitution and the club by laws. Renewal of membership is not automatic.
  2.7 Application for full membership to be voted by a quorom of members. Applicant must be present in person. Vote to take place at meeting, run or event with sufficient club members in attendance.

3 Management
  3.1 The management of the club shall be vested in the Executive Committee which shall consist of the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, assisted by the club officials/office bearers as decided from time to time by the committee.
  3.2 The President/ or in his/her absence the Vice President shall be the chairman of all the meetings.
  3.3 The common seal of the club shall be held by the secretary and any two signatories of the current committee shall be deemed able to execute under the seal.

4 Attendance
  4.1 The Executive Committee shall have the power to make and proclaim any by law for the betterment of the club, and which shall not be in opposition to the club rules and constitution.
  4.2 The Executive Committee shall have the power to invite any other person or persons to attend committee meetings who maybe of assistance to it in a professional, technical or in a skilled manner, for the advice and guidance:
The guest of the committee shall have no claim to vote.

5 Office Bearers
  5.1 The office bearers shall be elected at the annual general meeting and shall hold office for a period of 12 months from the annual general meeting.
  5.2 The office bearers shall consist of the positions nominated in clause 3.1.
  5.3 The whole of the Executive Committee and office bearers shall reture at the end of each 12 month period and shall be eligible to stand for re-election.
  5.4 Any office becoming vacant during the 12 month period maybe filled by a member of the Executive Committee or a financial member of the club which the executive committee votes in.
  5.5 The person elected as a replacement shall hold office until the next annual general meeting.
  5.6 Any office bearer or member of the Executive Committee failing to attend three consecutive committee meetings without apology or just cause shall thereby render themselves liable to dismissal from office and or the committee. The President is to take the final decision and the event of the President failing to attend the decision falls onto the vice president.

6 Election of Committee
  6.1 The election of members to the Executive Committee shall take place in the following manner.
  6.2 Any two financial members of the club may nominate another financial member to serve on the committee.
  6.3 Nomination must be in writing on the official forms provided by the out-going committee and forwarded to the secretary 21 days prior to the annual general meeting.
  6.4 The nominated member shall be contacted by the out-going president to obtain their agreement to serve if elected.
  6.5 The nominated financial member may decline.
  6.6 A list of the names of candidates for each position, in alphabetical order shall be available to financial members 14 days prior to the annual general meeting.
  6.7 Ballot papers shall be mailed to country members of the club.
  6.8 Ballot papers shall be prepared containing the names of the candidates only.
  6.9 Each ordinary member present at the annual general meeting shall be entitled to vote for any candidate nominated for a position. Not exceeding one vote per office position.
  6.10 If two or more candidates obtain an equal number of votes after country and local ballots have been counted, a further ballot for that position will be held, restricted to such candidates and voted by all members present at the annual general meeting.
  6.11 All country ballots must be returned prior to the election of office bearers for them to be valid.
  6.12 The Secretary will conduct the ballot after the out-going President stands down the previous committee.
  6.13 In preparation for the new committee, the secretary shall prepare a letter to the bank where deposit accounts are held advising of changes of signatories to accounts.
  6.14 In preparation for the new committee, the Secretary shall request via mail to the office of Fair Trading, GPO Box 3111, Brisbane Qld 4001, copies of relevant forms/and or applications to amend their records regarding changes to office bearers and our registered office address. (This will be automatic if the clubs audited accounts have been submitted to the above office).
  6.15 Nominations for vacant positions will only be accepted from the floor of the annual general meeting if no nominations have been received prior. If nominations for positions had been received and placed on ballot paper, no nominations will be accepted from the floor.

7 Powers of the Committee
  7.1 The committee in addition to the powers stated herein-after shall have control of finances: power to engage control, dismiss club servants and all administrative powers that may be necessary to carry out the ideas and aims of the club in accordance with this constitution.

8 Duties of the Honorary Treasurer
  8.1 The treasurer shall keep the accounts of the club and shall make up the annual statement and balance sheet of the club as at the 30th April of each year. After audit, this report will be prepared, printed and circulated to all members with the notice of the annual general meeting, and control custody of the books, documents, instruments of title and securities of the club.
  8.2 The funds of the club shall be banked in the name of the club and the bank accounts shall be operated by any two of the following office bearers: President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.
  8.3 All accounts outstanding shall be presented to the Executive Committee before being passed for payment.
  8.4 An auditor shall be elected or appointed by the executive committee and it shall be their responsibility to examine all accounts, vouchers, receipt books, etc and furnish a report thereon to the executive committee in time for presentation at the annual general meeting.
  8.5 Audits shall be conducted at regular intervals not exceeding 12 months.
  8.6 The financial year for the club shall conclude as at 30th April of each year.
  8.7 No two signatories of any financial accounts shall reside at the same residence.
  8.8 A treasurer's report is to be supplied to the members at each general meeting.

9 Duties of Honorary Secretary
  9.1 The secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the club and subject to the control of the committee, shall have custody of all documents belonging to the club.
  9.2 They shall keep full and correct minutes of all proceedings of the club and of the committee.
  9.3 At least seven clear days notice of intention to convene a meeting shall be given by the secretary to all financial members. Any notice of motion intended to be put to the meeting shall be delivered to the secretary no later than three days prior to the date fixed for the meeting. It shall be the responsibility of all members to notify the secretary of any change of address.
  9.4 The secretary shall have the duty to keep and amend the membership register as required.

10 Meetings
  10.1 Committee meetings may be held at a time and venue agreed upon by the committee. The number of meetings must comply with the relevant authority requirements, however must be a minimum of six meetings per year and may be held at times in conjunction with general meetings.
  10.2 At annual general meetings, special meetings or ordinary meetings a quorom of double the Executive Committee number plus one and at Executive meetings three members
  10.3 The annual general meeting shall be held on the general meeting date in June.
    10.3.1 Any decision of the Executive Committee or of the members at any meeting save and except as elsewhere provided otherwise shall be decided by the majority of those present and voting.
  10.4 The Chairman has no deliberate vote but a casting vote. Motions upon which the voting is equally for and against the chairman shall have the final casting vote.
  10.5 The committee may call an extraordinary general meeting when any question of urgent importance shall arise and shall be bound to do so on receiving a request signed by 10 financial members of the club or by a member who has been expelled by the committee and has duly given notice of their desire to appeal to an extraordinary general meeting.

11 Amendment of the Constitution
  11.1 The constitution may be amended at a general meeting or special meeting convended for the purpose provided that the amendment is approved by at least two thirds of the members present and voting at the special/general meeting.

12 Dissolution
  12.1 The club shall be dissolved in the event of the membership being less than 5 persons or upon the vote of the majority of the members present at a special meeting convened to consider such a question. Upon dissolution, assets and funds on hand may after payment of all expenses and liabilities be handed over to another club of similar interest such as stated in article 1 of the constitution of such registered charity as a majority of the members present at a general meeting may decided.

13 Payment of Subscription Dues
  13.1 Annual subscriptions will be payable on the first day of July in each year.
  13.2 Any member who's subscription is unpaid on the last day of August shall cease to be a member and the name of such members shall be cancelled from the books of the club. A member making application to renew membership within 12 months of 1st July of the current financial year maybe replaced by the committee upon available vacancy and on payment of all arrears plus administration fee.
  13.3 Any person wishing to join the club between the 1st of May and the 30th June of each year shall have their renewal date set for the first of July the following year.
  13.4 Any person wishing to make application for a pro rata renewal to be applied in their second year of membership may do so in writing for the consideration of the executive committee.

14 Address of Members to be Registered
  14.1 A current membership register shall be kept by the Secretary and updated as required.
  14.2 Every member shall from time to time communicate their address to the secretary. Such address shall be inserted in the membership register and all notice sent by post to such address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered two days after the day posting.

15 Resignation
  15.1 A member may at any time by giving notice in writing to the secretary withdraw membership from the club but shall continue to be liable for annual subscriptions due and unpaid at the date of such resignation.
  15.2 Any member having discharged all liabilities to the club and wishing to rejoin may upon an available vacancy be proposed and balloted for, in accordance with rules and the committee may at their discretion excuse payment of any entrance fee.

16 Expulsion of Members
  16.1 If any member shall refuse or neglect to comply with any of the rules or by-laws of the or be guilty of conduct which in the opinion of the Executive Committee is injurious to the character in the interest of the club, the committee may call upon the member to make an explanation either in writing or by personal attendance before the meeting of the committee (arranged especially for the purpose). And after considering the matter at such a meeting including the explanation (if any) offered by the member concerned at least two thirds of the Executive Committee present, are of the opinion that the charge has been sustained, the majority thereof as aforesaid expel such a member.
  16.2 The committee shall in writing advise the member concerned of its decision. A member who has been expelled as foresaid may within 30 days thereafter give notice in writing to the secretary of their desire to appeal before an extraordinary general meeting of the club at which the member shall be given an opportunity to attend and make a statement. After considering such an appeal shall be given an opportunity to attend and make as statement. After considering such an appeal such extraordinary general meeting may affirm or reverse the decision of the committee.

17 Forfeiture
  17.1 Any member in accordance with rules or otherwise ceasing to be a member of the club shall forfeit all such rights to or claim upon the club, of its property as the otherwise would have by reason of membership.

18 Club Property
  18.1 No member shall take away or permit to be taken away from the club under any pretext whatsoever or shall injure or destroy any newspaper, pamphlet, book or other article which is the property of the club.
  18.2 Club property shall be held by a custodian as designated by the committee.

19 Complaints
  19.1 All complaints shall be made in writing to the secretaries who, if they be unable to deal with, then submit them to the committee whose decision shall be deemed final.

20 Bi-Laws
  20.1 The committee has the invested power to make, repeal and amend such bi-laws as they consider necessary for the proper conduct of the club. By-laws made aforesaid shall have effect until otherwise determined by the committee or a general meeting of the club. In particular but not exclusively such bi-laws may provide for and regulate.
  20.2 Generally all matters as are commonly the subject matter or rules regulations or bi-laws of a club.
  20.3 For such a meeting, any member who cannot be present and wished to be counted may forward a letter to the secretary before said meeting displaying their views and submissions.

21 Historic Registration
  21.1 Any member wishing to apply for Historic Registration must make application to the clubs registration officer. The member must be financial and have attended at least 3 club runs, within a six month period.
  21.2 New members must be financial for six months before application can be made.
  21.3 All applications must be made in writing.
  21.4 Members will undertake to abide by Queensland Transport guidelines for use of vehicles with Special Interest Vehicle Concession Registration.

22 Duties of Immediate Past President
  22.1 To assist with any passing knowledge to enable the smooth running of the club and a link with the previous direction of the past committees.

23 Duties of the Registration Officer
  23.1 To keep a record of Historical Registered Vehicles/Special Interest Vehicles.
  23.2 To inspect members vehicles and verify compliance with the Transport Authority regulations and requirements and complete the clubs verifying certificate.
  23.3 To maintain a log book of all non gazetted movements of the abovementioned vehicles.
  23.4 To have custody of any relevant documents/manuals to enable carrying of the duties of registration officer.
  23.5 In matters of Special Interest Concession Registration, the registration officer has discretionary power to waive ruling on membership as he sees fit in the matter by seeking the majority vote of members present at the next general meeting.

24 Life Membership
  24.1 As per consumer affairs regulations.

25 Vehicle Registration
  25.1 As per current regulations of the Department of Transport.

  Club Bi-Laws
  1 Alcohol consumption will only be tolerated within defined spaces and must not affect the overall image of the club.
  2. Members will obey all road rules and drive safely at all times.
  3. All members must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion at club meetings and outings.
  4. All members are requested to notify the club of their inability to attend club functions and general meetings.
  5. Committee members are ineligible for attendance trophies at years end.
  6. The use of the clubs name or logo whether implied or inferred by any club member for private or business use is prohibited.
  7. These bi-laws do not exclude the committee in any way.

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